18 March 2009

Pistachios and Lycoris...

This week I've been hard at work trying to get my laptop up to par. I've been looking for new fonts, finding old sites where I purchase supplies and spending way too much time chatting with old and new friends on FB. Yes, I admit it I'm totally hooked on that too -- lol....

But enough of the small talk. I've got some new designs and I'm offering them up as FREEBIES! In order to work with these files you must have AI installed on your computer. I created them using AI CS4, but they can be modified in earlier versions as well. I've used a standard Century Gothic type for the font. The birth announcement is sized at 4x6, the shower invitation is 5x7 and the thank you card is to be printed and scored on a 5x7 card.

If you are interested in some of these ic
e cream goodies post a comment to my blog and I'll send you the file with complete instructions.

My totally talented sister in law has just put out an adorable new book, I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother!! This book is absolutely adorable and I even make a cameo appearance in it. Check out her blog at http://selinaalko.blogspot.com/

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Selina Alko said...

Thanks for the plug, Angela!

I love these new designs, very hip.