29 March 2009

Thoroughly modern...

This week I've been hard (but it feels like FUN) at work, coming up with some new ideas for cards and invites. The set I'm posting today was inspired by a gorgeous, little dress worn by my niece last year on Memorial day. I recall her looking as sweet as sugar in it! I also recall her not being very happy that day -- too many new faces around her I imagine.

Though, it will be quite some time before she walks down the aisle, I wanted to create a little something fun and modern for the woman i know she'll turn out to be!

Her parents are two of t
he hippest peeps in Brooklyn. I think they've help me find my way back to style -- losing it somewhat, here in suburbia! I seem to be lost in the land of SUV's and cookie cutter homes... I'm not trying to offend anyone. I drive a Jeep and live in one of those developments. My neighbors are all around me!!!!! Got us packed in tighter than a can of sardines! I've been here for almost six years and I can still get lost. On the bright side it gives me an opportunity to break away from my laptop and get some much needed exercise. I've also got my bff living within walking distance and that's a great PLUS!

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